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SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization Services

Thank you for choosing Texas Peach Web Hosting for your dedicated hosting company. What we really do is digital marketing for business websites. This gets website to show up in the search engines natural results and other areas across the web. We offer web hosting as one of our services to clients and the world because the internet is limitless.



Digital Marketing Services: 

Search Engine Optimization has gotten a lot more complicated with the changes in Google’s algorithm. It is important to use a reputable digital marketing company so your website does not get penalized.

  • Research of search terms determining what search terms are actually being used to find your services or products (this is the most important step of search engine optimization) If you would like to see if people are searching for your services before you make the decision to optimize your website call us. (We have actually found out a couple of industries that do not benefit presence on the Internet)
  • Initial search engine optimization coding implemented on the website – each search term is designated to a webpage and we optimize the home page for all the search terms (we do this to try to get two links to your website)
  • We test each page for all the areas we optimize for all the search engines, however our SEO technique is focused on Google
  • Each page is tested with a program that replicates the algorithm of the search engine (we target Google) it is compared to the top 5 pages in Google’s natural results
  • Submit your website to all search engines (this is to get your website indexed and for it to start rising to the top which usually takes 2 weeks to 2 months
  • Execute an search engine optimization monthly maintenance program that keeps you rising to the top and it keeps you at the top of the search engines. (we obsess on Google)

SEO Services | SEO Expert | Search Engine Optimization Services

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You can learn more about the company, website design and our seo services here!

About the Owner:

Durenda Wood owns Computer Construction Company and she over sees all of the SEO projects. She has been sales for 35 + years making her stand out against other SEO experts. She has been using this talent since 2001 on the Internet. If you visit the website you can read and watch testimonials of the company’s work and results. She likes to focus on helping small businesses that is why these web hosting prices and SEO prices are so affordable.

SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization Services